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    Hello there! Welcome to the Wandered Roads Campaign!

    Jason, our GM, mentioned that there may be some new players.

    I'm Mike Biancone, I run Arn Ironfist in Wandered Roads, and I have a character in Jason's Dark Alleyways game too. (look for the link under the General link).

    I'm in PA, and run with the south group. I look foward to seeing how your character develops. Feel free to drop a line, at [email protected] Also, Jason and many of us are on I'm under my normal name, Michael Biancone.

    Take care.


    Reply from Snargash Moonclaw:

    Thanks for the welcome. Not sure yet which group Moonscar will be in, but the backstory should be up by the end of the week I think. Currently I'm finishing up a large piece of flavor and krunch for Druids in general - It's something I need fo my own setting and I'm putting it together in a way to make it easily very adaptable for this or other settings. I've gotta wrap that up first tho' in order to write up the character's training as a Druid. . . Won't be long tho' and I look forward to gaming here.